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Chapter 10 of A Plague Tale: Requiem has Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia continue to pursue the path of the previous Carrier and Protector, facing rebels on the path.

This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to do to complete this chapter of the game.


Chapter 10 Walkthrough

After the cutscene ends, head down the steps and right through the area from the previous chapter, past the festivities beneath the kites, to the ruined tower to the left of the windmills. The gate will now be open, so head through and reach the front door to the tower.

As it’s locked, curve around the left and vault inside. Head up the ladder and shimmy along the wall, then aim through the hole in the wall with your Sling to destroy the chain locking the front gate.

Head back out and inside through the now unlocked door, then up the stairs and interact with the gate at the top twice to trigger a cutscene. Regaining control and setting off to the fort, head down towards the water. Drop off the vault point, and use the anchor point to the left to pull down the other platform, letting you climb up and proceed down the hill.

Turn left at the bottom to find a chest on the far end of the beach with Pieces and additional resources.

Turning right at the bottom, you’ll find a dead man hidden behind the rocks, and after vaulting up and seeing another man thrown from the cliff above, crouch under a branch into some tall grass to enter a section with patrolling enemies. As soon as you drop down, the floor will give way. A soldier will grab you, leading to a short QTE segment to kill him.

Proceed through the door to the right of the room and up the stairs to join the others. Continue through the area, killing or sneaking as you see fit, and head right up a path into an adjoining area with more soldiers.

On the right-hand side of the central building is a crate you can use to vault up onto the roof, where an archer is patrolling. Take them out, and loot the large chest up there for a Tool, Pieces, and additional resources.

Then use the anchor point to fire your crossbow at the door of the temple and pull it down.


When the coast is clear, head to the door now that it is clear and push through. Loop around to the right and crouch under the gap in the wall, vaulting up onto the next floor.

Tell Sophia to turn the crank below you, then use the anchor point to shoot your crossbow, pulling back the raised chandelier to crash through the door.

Drop down and head out through the newly opened doorway, and as you head down the steps you’ll see a gap in the wall on your left, just before the alcove on the right with a Workbench.

Raven Location

Go through the gap and drop down, then curve around the shoreline on the left to find the next addition to Hugo’s Collection: Raven.

Vault back up and upon vaulting at the end of the initial path you’re entered into a cutscene. After Hugo summons the rat swarm to consume the soldiers, pursue him off to the left and speak to him.

"A rag doll" Souvenir Location

Progress into the ruined building ahead, then turn left and spot an anchor point. Go through the archway and use the anchor point to pull down the wooden structure across the room.

Vault up the newly open game and head right, interacting with the chains and tree you find for the next Souvenir: A rag doll.


Head back into the ruins and through the opening on the right to reach another area with patrolling soldiers. You can kill or evade them at your discretion, with a large chest containing a Tool, Pieces, and additional resources up the stairs in the main building on the right side (with the hanging bodies around the fire on the ground floor).

Move down the hill towards the castle drawbridge and you’ll see it being raised.

Drop off the right side of the bridge to loot a chest, and if you don’t want to kill the guard above, then use an Extinguis on one of the sconces and then head to the left side of the bridge and move the log to squeeze through the gap in the rocks.

Vault up and go up the stairs to be ambushed by a soldier and Sophia will kill them. Use the Workbench in the room if you can, then head down the steps on the other side. In a cutscene you and Sophia get separated, you taking refuge in the cart and Sophia raising the portcullis.

A rat swarm prematurely arrives, so use your Sling Ignifier to light the nearest bonfire on the right.

Sophia will then appear, and use her prism to channel light from the fire and make her way over to you. Drop down and head to the fire, then light the next one, instructing Sophia to help you get there.

You can loot the chest there, and there instruct Sophia to refract the light from the fire you’re at again, and then back up the steps nearby into the lit stairwell. Go up the steps to find a locked Workbench with Pieces and a Tool inside.

Go back down and use the light source on the wall to refract, then quickly switch back to the fire as a source to get back. Then use an Ignifier on the sconce ahead, and repeat the Sophia instruction. Look left and use an Ignifier once more, then get across with Sophia’s help. Loot the chest and throw an Extinguis at the row of fire just ahead of you.


Grab a stick from the bundle and light it, and quickly head forward toward the lit stairway in front of you.

Enter the building to your right, being careful of the patrolling guard, and vault out of the far window. If you wish, grab a stick from the bundle, light it from the flaming pot on the wall and curve around the side of the building to find a chest with Pieces and additional resources, as well as a Pot and an Episanguis deposit.

Use another Extinguis Pot on the left-most crossing point in the next row of fire, deal with the guard patrolling the stairway up to the right, then grab a stick from the bundle nearby, light it, and cross over. Look into the central area and use an Ignifier to light the sconce just outside the left-hand side building.

Instruct Sophia to refract the light from the flaming pot on the wall next to you, and head up the steps on the left. Switch to the flaming pot in the room on the first floor, and grab a stick from the bundle. Refract the light in reverse to get back down the stairs you came from, refract from that first flaming pot outside the building and pass through the room to the left of you to reach the sconce you lit just a moment ago.

Light the stick on the sconce and you can now reach the chest in the corner of that room you just passed through. Once done, refract from each of the flaming pots on either side of the large gateway to cross over. Heading up the stairs, you can reach a crank that is directly above the central gate.

Turn the crank and head back down to see two additional guards patrolling the central area. Deal with/avoid them as you wish, and proceed through the gateway and open the door.

Head forward inside the chapel and down the steps on the left and interact with the chain on the pedestal on the other side of the room for a short cutscene.

Regaining control, head back up the stairs and approach the door for another cutscene where you get ambushed by Milo. After Milo is killed by Sophia, you have to survive the onslaught. Take out the non-helmeted enemies using rocks from your Sling, and you can eliminate the others with your crossbow, knives, distracting them with saltpeter bags or tar on braziers, and knocking the throwable explosives out of the larger enemy's hands.

Eventually, Hugo will interrupt and summon a huge rat swarm, causing the three of you to retreat to a rowboat to escape. On the water, Sophia forcibly speaks to Hugo and Amicia, laying the ground rules, but agreeing to stay with them for the time being, as the chapter ends.

Continue this walkthrough with Chapter 11: The Cradle of Centuries.

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