HOW MUCH Is Wednesday's Jenna Ortega Earning?! (2023)

Is Jenny Ortega earning good money with the success of the Netflix hit show Wednesday? A recent study certainly seems to think so!

HOW MUCH Is Wednesday's Jenna Ortega Earning?! (1)

A new study reveals that Jenna Ortega is the highest-earning star from Wednesday, potentially earning up to £63,965 per sponsored post.

Research conducted by NewCasinos examined the social media profiles of the cast of Netflix’s Wednesday and influencer marketing calculators to establish which star is the most influential on social media and how much they can earn per sponsored post.

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The research revealed that Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams, is the highest-earning star from the new Netflix horror comedy hit series. The 20-year-old actress has an Instagram following of 26.8 million, which allows her to earn up to £63,965 per sponsored Instagram post, the highest follower count and potential Instagram earnings than the rest of the cast combined. Since the star rose to fame on Wednesday, Jenna has gained over 17 million followers since the show aired on 23rd November, an average of over 580,000 new followers per day.

Emma Myers is the second-highest-earning influencer on Wednesday. The actress, who plays roommate and best friend of Wednesday, Enid Sinclair, has the second-highest following of 6.4 million, allowing her to earn a potential of up to £15,546 per sponsored post. Emma gained the second-highest number of new Instagram fans, with 5.7 million new followers, or around 192,000 new followers per day, since the show’s launch.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, who plays Morticia Addams, can earn up to £12,327 per sponsored post, making her the third-highest-earning star of Wednesday. The Oscar-winning actress has 4.7 million Instagram followers, the third highest of the cast. With over 368,000 new Instagram followers, she has gained the lowest percentage out of the top ten earners since the show’s launch.

The fourth highest social media earner is Percy Hynes White. Percy can expect to earn up to £8,966 per sponsored post due to his 3.4 million followers. Percy has some of the biggest social media gains out of the whole cast, getting over 90% of his current Instagram following after Wednesday’s release, at a rate of over 100,000 new followers per day.

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Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin and is the sixth most influential Wednesday cast member. Tyler is followed by 2.8 million fans on Instagram, meaning he can earn an average of £7,648 per sponsored Instagram post on these followers alone. Despite having fewer followers, he can earn more than Gwendoline Christie on Instagram, as he has the most interactive fans out of any other cast member, with an engagement rate of 28.67%.

Gwendoline Christie rounds out the top five, potentially earning up to £7,340 per sponsored Instagram post. The estimated earnings are from her 2.9 million followers, thanks to her role as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. Gwendoline gained less than a quarter of her current Instagram since her on-screen performance as Principal Larissa Weems, one of the lowest percentage increases out of the top ten.

Christina Ricci, aka Marilyn Thornhill, and one of the original Wednesday Addams actors, ranks seventh, earning up £3,141 per sponsored post on social media. These earnings are due to a following of 1.3 million. Over one-third of her Instagram follower count came since Wednesday’s Netflix debut.

Georgie Farmer, who plays Nevermore student and Enid Sinclair’s boyfriend Ajax Petropolus, is the eighth most influential star. With 955,000 Instagram followers and an engagement rate of 18.01%, Georgie could earn up to £2,806 per sponsored post.

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The ninth most influential is Joy Sunday, with an Instagram following of over 738,000. Based on her follower count, she can earn up to £2,472 per sponsored post. Joy has gained over 725,000 new followers, making the largest percentage of her following from Wednesday out of any other person in the top ten.

Actor and comedian Fred Armisen is the tenth most influential cast member. Fred, who plays Uncle Fester in the show, can earn an estimated £2,220 per sponsored post with his 559,000 Instagram followers. He has the lowest engagement rate in the top ten at 1.12%.

if it’s true about the Jenna Ortega earning figures, I’d certainly be promoting everything under the sun right now with that cost per sponsored post!

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A spokesperson for NewCasinos commented on the findings:

“With the success of Netflix’s smash hit Wednesday, this study explores the earnings of the cast to reveal how much they can earn outside of our screens since the release of the series has seen their social media followings skyrocket.

Wednesday is now one of the most-watched Netflix shows, with over three-quarters of a billion hours viewed in the first three weeks. Its popularity has led to a social media boom for each cast member, suggesting that the stars will keep seeing their online following grow, which will lead to more opportunities outside the TV show”.


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